Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cargoh: A new Etsy?

While browsing through the Etsy forums tonight I came across an interesting thread discussing People were talking about this being the next Etsy and how they thought it would do well, so I decided to take a look! Once I got there I fell in love with the site! It has the same idea as Etsy, in that it's a place for artists and handcrafters to sell their wares. I love the way they have their categories set up, and it has a more modern feel than Etsy which seems like it fits me better. On a whim I decided to make a shop there and then I was amazed at the options they have! I won't get into an intense comparison because that would be boring! But let's just say that Cargoh offers A LOT more options to evaluate my store and my sales. So, fellow Etsians... I encourage you to check it out! Fellow online shoppers, I also encourage you to check it out! It's amazing to see some of the things people make, and how creative the human brain can be!


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