Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm back!

Well, I disappeared for a little bit because I lost my login info! I tried like crazy to get into it a few weeks back but couldn't figure it out, and randomly decided to try again tonight so here I am!

For my promised update with going (sham)pooless... well, it didn't work for me and I'm back to using my old shampoo and loving the way my hair feels MUCH better with it! After struggling with just using water, and sometimes using vinegar I just couldn't get the grease out. So, that was my green experiment for the summer!

I have two main hobbies right now: photography, and jewelry making. I am discovering that both demand a great deal of my time and I can't decide which to go full steam ahead with, and which to put on the back burner. For now, I am kind of flip flopping between the two.

Kenny is STILL waiting to hear from the Army to schedule this last appointment so we can start making plans to move. The military really must love this waiting stuff!!

Well, this was really a rambly post, but I'm just excited I figured out how to get back on here!

If you are interested, check out the following flickr link to see some of my fav pics posted, and if you are bored check out my Etsy as well and give your two cents as to which you'd rather see me continue with. Not that I will make my decision of which hobby to seriously pursue based on people's opinions, but sometimes all it takes is one comment from a different perspective to help out.